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Back to the plumbing.

March 2nd, 2017


My central heating has been on the blink for more than two months now. I’ve spent a small fortune, realised again the value of thermal underwear, learned a lot about the impossibility of influencing in certain contexts, and been impressed by a bewildering range of confidently expressed diagnoses.  I wish I had insisted on a… read more


Welsh cakes, Oxytocin and Conference Calls.

March 17th, 2015


My team plumber blog led to a couple of requests for blogs on specific themes, one of which was some thoughts on the management and leadership of virtual teams. Many of us are now part of global, dispersed teams. Much has been written about why the world needs dispersed teams; and how to make them… read more


Launching a website… the oscar speech…

November 26th, 2013


  I’ve always been a little squeamish about the whole ‘personal branding’ movement.  Not my narcissism of choice. Putting  a website together has, therefore,  been exceptionally challenging. However, every cloud and all that… I’ve learned a huge amount, and have never been gladder that I work in a range of sectors, as there is much… read more


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